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This selection of images looks at how the natural world is engaged and the feelings created by making land separations.  Often we see the world from some sort of predetermined vantage point.  Be it a road, fenced field, or boardwalk, all these features act to direct out interaction with the environment. Two spaces are created, the accessible side and the exotic side.   This separation is enhanced in infra red because building materials like wood, stones, and cement don’t change too much in infra red.  While the green foliage, especially autumn colors, transform into otherworldly shades.  Juxtaposing these elements exaggerates the differences between the two spaces. The first space suggests an order, both through color and form, and positions the viewer init.  The second, or other space, is recognisable but at the same time exotic and a space unto itself.  Even the symmetry of distant crops seems to possess a purpose and determination which is separate from the symmetrical order of being planted. The images evoke an invitation to gaze into the wild and contemplate the environment of the other side.

Spring Creek
Dry Lookout
The Other Side
Grapes and Trees