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Art Projects

A selection of other projects and bodies of work.


Doors of Quebec City

Doors are an interesting part of social evolution.  Prior to the mass production of doors they were all made by hand in local shops.  They were made to order and architects often left large openings for elaborate doorways.  Even on a simple opening, the doors have uniqueness to them not found in contemporary structures. The […]



Not an area I ever really intended to even explore, much yet develop, tropical and underwater photography has revealed itself to be a potentially significant area of interest for me. Even though I have had my diving licence for decades nothing can really relate to swimming in a coral reef.  My experience can only be […]



This body of work utilizes old photographs from family albums.  As these albums passed through a few hands across some generations, an editing process found many people vanishing from memories and the albums.  I have the remains of this editing process, a collection of proud yet unknown faces.  I have often wondered about pride in […]

art instalation_media city 8_projectors front view


An Installation for Media City 8.  The projectors talked about light and the creation of a projected image. The Projectors are the focus of the installation with the resulting image being a by-product of the image making process.  This focus is the opposite of what the traditional projected image is meant to be, an enveloping […]

art_show_in the shadows_catalog

In The Shadows

An artist exchange project between the  Hamilton Artist Inc and Artcite in Windsor.


Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders was an international project exhibited in Toronto and Chicago. The project was accompanied by an exhibition catalogue. The Project addressed issues around living in Canada with Lithuanian Culture.  Identifying with more than one set of cultural values, traditions, and norms is often challenging since they can often be a source of conflict.  Stemming […]

art installation_cardboard houses


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