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Niagara Falls Fireworks

13 Feb 2014 / in Post

For the month of January, every Friday at Niagara Falls, they have been lighting fireworks.  Although we heard that it was short, I found it to be a perfect length of time, especially for the winter.

This was probably the first time I could actually find a parking spot at the falls proper and simply walk to the edge and watch the light show.  I don’t think I have ever gone to a fireworks display with so little traffic or viewers; mind you all the smart folks were watching from their nice and warm hotel rooms.  But when the show started I didn’t even notice a chill.

This was also the lowest I have ever seen fireworks been detonated, many were horizontal to my viewpoint and hit the water and shores of the Niagara Gorge below.

Great fun, a must for next year especially if it’s not too cold.